Merchant Services

5 things you probably 
don't know about accepting
card payments
1)Accepting card payments is cheaper than accepting cheques and cash.
2) If you already have card processing and bought the services through
your bank they probably have nothing to do with operating them.
3) 70% of consumers prefer to pay by card.
4) 120 million opportunities to sell are lost per year by those who
don’t accept cards.
5) You will not be liable for fraudulent transactions.
Online Market Overview
The UK online retail sector has experienced its strongest Q1 growth in three years representing an estimated £23.1 billion
Online shopping accounts for nearly 20% of all retail purchases in the UK and that figure is growing by in excess of 17% year on year
By 2020 retail stores will account for 78.7% of sales (£286.6bn) and online for 21.3% (£77.6bn)
More than 32m people in the UK are online shoppers
40% of UK internet shoppers buy at least once per week
UK Shoppers spent £91bn online in 2013
The average online transaction is £72.00

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